Confederate Generals 
Stationed at Jefferson Barracks

  (North view from Barracks)     ( rear view)        (South view from Barracks)
Jefferson Barracks
St. Louis, Mo.
(From: History of St. Louis City and County, by J. Thomas Scharf; 1883)
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Confederates Generals who served in the U.S. Army and stationed at Jefferson Barracks. Below is a listing giving the rank while serving at St. Louis, unit designation and date first arrived at Jefferson Barracks. (List also includes President Jefferson Davis)

(Source: Information thanks to Marc E. Kollbaum, Curatur of Jefferson Barracks Historic Site)

Gen. George B. Anderson;
2nd Lt.; 2nd Dragoons, April 1854
Gen. Robert H. Anderson;
Brevet 2nd Lt.; 7th Infantry; Feb 1858
Gen. Louis Armistead;
1st Lt. (Brevet Major); 6th Infantry; Feb. 1850
Gen. Laurence S. Baker;
Brevet 2nd Lt; Regiment Mounted Rifles; Feb. 1852
                         Gen. Braxton Bragg; Captain; 3rd Artillery, Batteries B & C; Nov. 1846
Commanding Officer: Sept. 1849, April 1851, June 1851 & May 1853
Gen. John S. Bowen;
Brevet 2nd Lt.; Regiment Mounted Rifles; Oct 1853; architect in St. Louis; was at Camp Jackson;
Colonel of 1st Missouri Infantry
Gen. Simon B. Buckner;
2nd Lt.; 6th Infantry, Co. C; Aug. 1848
Gen. Wm. L. Cabell;
1st Lt.; 7th Infantry; Feb. 1858; 
captured while in command of a cavalry brigade under Gen. Sterling Price during Missouri 
raid of 1864 
 Gen. John R. Chambliss, Jr.;
Brevet 2nd Lt.; Regiment Mounted Rifles; 
Nov. 1853
Gen. Robert H. Chilton;
Capt.; 1st Dragoons, Co. D; Oct. 1848
Gen. George B. Cosby;
2nd Lt.; 2nd Cavalry, Co. A; June 1855
Gen. George B. Crittenden;
Major; Regiment Mounted Rifles; 1848.
Gen. Junius Daniel;
2nd Lt.; 3rd Infantry; May 1853
Gen. Henry B. Davidson;
Brevet 2nd Lt.; 1st Dragoons; Nov. 1853;
Captured at Island No. 10
President Jefferson Davis;
2nd Lt.: 6th or 1st Infantry;
1st Lt.: 1st Dragoons; Jan. 1829
Gen. Matthew L. Davis, Jr.;
2nd Lt.; 3rd Infantry; May 1853
Gen. Nathan G. Evans;
1st Lt.; 2nd Cavalry; June 1855
Gen. Richard S. Ewell;
Lt.; 1st Dragoons; 
Commanding Officer May-July 1844
Gen. Thomas T. Fauntleroy;
Colonel; 1st Dragoons;
Commanding Officer Dec. 1850
Gen. Charles W. Field;
2nd Lt.; 2nd Dragoons; Jan. 1855
Gen. Daniel Frost;
Lt.; Regiment of Mounted Rifles; 1846;
Commander of Missouri Militia at Camp Jackson;
Gen. Richard C. Gatlin;
Brevet Major; 7th Infantry; June 1850
Gen. Franklin Gardner;
1st Lt.: 7th Infantry Co. A;
Regimental Adjutant, Jan. 1849;
(Father, Charles Gardner, served as Adjutant General of the U.S. Army during War of 1812; 
was a Unionist during 1861-1865)
Gen. Robert S. Garnett;
1st Lt.; 7th Infantry; Jan. 1849
Gen. Henry Heth;
1st Lt.; 6th Infantry; late 1854
Gen. Theophilus H. Holmes;
Captain; 7th Infantry, Co. C; Jan. 1849
Gen. John Bell Hood;
2nd Lt.;  2nd Cavalry; Aug. 1855
Gen. Bushrod R. Johnson;
2nd Lt.; 3rd Infantry, Co. E; Dec. 1843
                   Gen. Albert Sidney Johnston; 2nd Lt.: 6th Infantry, Co. A, late 1826;
Colonel: 2nd Cavalry, Sept. 1855; 
Commanding Officer: Sept. 1855
                         Gen. Joseph Johnston; Lt. Col.: 1st Cavalry, 1853;
Commanding Officer: Nov. 1856
Gen. John M. Jones;
Captain, 7th Infantry, Co. A; March 1858
Gen. Wm. E. "Grumble" Jones;
2nd Lt.: Regiment of Mounted Rifles; Jan. 1852
Gen. Fitzhugh Lee;
2nd Lt.: 2nd Cavalry; July 1855
                        Gen. Robert E. Lee; 1st Lt.: Engineers, Aug. 1837;
Lt. Col.: 2nd Cavalry, July 1855;
Commanding Officer: July 1855
Gen. James Longstreet;
Brevet 2nd Lt.: 4th Infantry, Aug. 1842
Gen. Wm. Wing Loring;
Brevet Colonel (Lt. Col.):
Regiment Mounted Rifles; 
Commanding Officer July 1851
Gen. Mansfield Lovell;
Brevet Captain: 4th Artillery;
Commanding Officer Aug. 1849
Gen. Samuel B. Maxey;
2nd Lt: 7th Infantry, Co. I, July 1848
Gen. Lafayette McLaws;
1st Lt.: 7th Infantry, June 1857
Gen. Nicholas B. Pearce;
1st Lt.: 7th Infantry, Co. G, Feb. 1858
Gen. John C. Pemberton;
1st Lt. 4th Artillery, Co. G, Oct. 1849
Gen. Charles W. Phifer;
2nd Lt.: 2nd Cavalry, Co. F, Aug. 1855
Gen. George E. Pickett;
2nd Lt.: 8th Infantry, Aug. 1848
Gen. Richard C. W. Radford;
1st Lt.: 1st Dragoons, June 1855
Gen. Gabriel J. Rains;
Captain: 7th Infantry, Co. A, Jan. 1849
Gen. Alexander W. Reynolds;
1st Lt.: 1st Infantry, Co. E, Oct. 1845
Gen. Thomas G. Rhett;
1st Lt. (Brevet Captain): 
Regiment of Mounted Rifles, Jan. 1852
Gen. Daniel Ruggles;
Captain: 5th Infantry, Co. H, Feb. 1858
Gen. Edmund Kirby Smith;
Brevet Captain: 7th Infantry, Sept. 1848;
Captain: 2nd Cavalry, July 1855
Gen. James A. Smith;
Brevet 2nd Lt.: 6th Infantry, Nov. 1854
Gen. Wm. Steele;
Captain: 2nd Dragoons, Aug. 1852
Gen. Alexander E. Steen;
2nd Lt.: 12th Infantry, May 1846
Gen. J. E.B. Stuart;
2nd Lt.: 2nd Cavalry, July 1855
Gen. David Emanuel Twiggs;
Colonel: 2nd Dragoons, May 1837
Gen. Earl Van Dorn;
1st Lt.: 7th Infantry, May 1849;
Captain: 2nd Cavalry, June 1855
Gen. John B. Villepique;
2nd Lt.: 2nd Dragoons, Jan. 1855
Gen. John G. Walker;
Captain: Regiment of Mounted Rifles, Feb. 1852
(native Missourian)
Gen. Wm. H. T. Walker;
Captain (Brevet Lt. Col.): 6th Infantry, April 1855
Gen. Cadmus M. Wilcox;
1st Lt.: 7th Infantry, March 1858
Gen. Robert C. Wood, Jr.;
2nd Lt.: 2nd Cavalry, Co. B, June 1855

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