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10/17/02: The Point Lookout POW Organization is asking for assistance in trying to raise funds in order to purchase a piece of land adjacent to the Confederate Cemetery at Point Lookout, Maryland in order to erect a Statue and new flag pole and finally be able to fly the Confederate Battleflag on the property, in which the flag is no longer allowed to be flown at the Confederate Cemetery.
Currently the PLPOW has raised only $9,061.89 and needs to raise $28,000.00 in order to purchase the land. For more info. click here


10/11/02: an epic screen adaptation of Jeff Shaara's heralded best selling novel  Gods and Generals is coming to theatre's soon. The film is based on events that are sweeping in scope and made all the more compelling by the human scaled drama it depicts.

10/11/02: Bruce Crawford has produced a video on the 140th Battle of Shiloh reenactment back in April 5,6 & 7 2002 at Michie, Tennessee. To preview the 140th Battle of Shiloh video click here. Go to the second page and click "140th Shiloh video preview". 

10/17/02: People interested in joining the Sons of Confederate Veterans can now print an application by clicking here

10/6/02: Missouri Division-SCV Poll has been added to see how much you know about Missouri. Scroll down and take a peek!

10/11/02: A special message delivered by R. G. Wilson Commander in Chief,  Sons of Confederate Veterans, click here.

To you, Sons of Confederate Veterans, we submit the vindication of the cause for which we fought. To your strength will be given the defense of the Confederate soldier's good name, the guardianship of his history, the emulation of his virtues, the perpetuation of those principles which he loved and which made him glorious, and which you also cherish. Remember it is your duty to see that the true history of the South is presented to future generations."

General Stephen Dill Lee
New Orleans, Louisiana
April 24, 1906

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I salute the Confederate flag, with affection, reverence, and undying devotion to the Cause for which it stands.


Missouri Battle Flag

In all their motley array there was hardly a uniform to be seen, and then, and throughout all the brilliant campaign on which they were about to enter there was nothing to distinguish their officers, even a general, from the men in the ranks, save a bit of red flannel, or a piece of cotton cloth, fastened to the shoulder, or to the arm, of the former. But for all that they were the truest and best of soldiers. Many of them, when just emerging from  endured to the dangers and privations of the wilderness; and many had engaged in the hot strife which had ensanguined the prairies of Kansas. Among them there was hardly a man who could not read and write, and who was not more intelligent than the great mass of American citizens; not one who had not voluntarily abandoned his home with all its tender ties, and thrown away all his possessions, and left father and mother, or wife and children, within the enemy's lines, that he might himself stand by the South in her hour of great peril, and help her to defend her fields and her firesides. And among them all there was not a man who had come forth to fight for slavery.

- Thomas L. Snead, on the Missouri State Guard in his book, Fight For Missouri.


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