American Veterans NOT Welcome in Madison, Wisconsin

Veterans Dishonored in Madison, Wisconsin
Veterans Dishonored in Madison, Wisconsin

According to a January 13, 2019 article from the U.S. News and World Report, a 113 year old American Veterans monument dedicated to soldiers who served during the American War Between the States (on the side of the Confederacy) was removed and/or censored from a Madison, Wisconsin cemetery. Proof that no monument is safe from the Left – even in cemeteries where the dead are supposedly at peaceful rest – Madison Public Servants recently voted to have the 1906 monument censored from the “Confederate Rest” area of the Forest Hill Cemetery. The monument, which was placed through the efforts of Union veterans (who also participated in its dedication ceremony) has now been crated up and hidden away at the Wisconsin Veterans Museum.

According to U.S. News, Michael Telzrow, director of the Wisconsin Veterans Museum says, “There are no current plans for its exhibition either now or in the near future…It’s highly unlikely that it would ever be permanently displayed.”

This latest round of disrespect for our Nation’s veterans comes after Madison Mayor Paul Soglin called for the removal of a plaque that described our veterans as “valiant” and “unsung heroes”. Telzrow noted that the Wisconsin Veterans Museum declined the plaque from the city.

Want to get involved? Politely and honorably contact the following and let them know that you are saddened by this disrespectful treatment of our Veterans. The South IS an important part of our Country, and the hundreds of thousands of soldiers who shed their blood to protect their families and their communities from invasion and atrocity deserve to be respectfully remembered.

Michael Telzrow: Director of Wisconsin Veterans Museum

  • Michael.Telzrow@dva.wisconsin.gov
  • veterans.museum@dva.wisconsin.gov 
  • 608.266.1009

Mayor Paul Soglin, City of Madison, Wisconsin

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