Leftist Groups ready “War” against American Veterans

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The Leftist attack on our Veterans Monuments

Once again, it appears the Southern Poverty Law Center, NAACP and various Democratic “public servants” are working to wage “war” on American Veterans and their monuments. In a move to gain national recognition for the fight to censor those who served (which include African Americans, Native Americans and Hispanics), various leftist groups are planning an anti-Veterans rally for the day before the Super Bowl in Atlanta, Georgia on Feb. 2.

According to this AP article which notes a “renewed ‘war on the Confederacy’”, Gerald Griggs of the NAACP says, “We are calling for the removal of all monuments to the Confederacy and we are prepared to bring our message directly to the world as the world descends on Atlanta, Georgia for the purpose of celebrating the Super Bowl…”

THE SPLC, NAACP and Democrat elected officials are additionally working to push forward legislation in the State of Georgia that would do away the State Law that currently protects Veterans Monuments – which would potentially include a censoring, altering or removal of Stone Mountain. 

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