The Last Roll

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.

Some of our bravest officers and men have fallen, but their surviving comrades not less brave will emulate their glorious examples, and Continue to emulate the valor of your brave comrades who have fallen that it depends on you to see that they shall not have died in vain. With the blessing of God, it is in your power to defeat the last great effort of the enemy, secure independence to your native land, and earn for yourselves the lasting love and gratitude of your country men, and the admiration of mankind. — ROBERT E. LEE

Farewell, until we meet, again.

As many of you have seen, Jason Coffman reported on the very sad and unexpected passing of Hughes Camp Member Matthew Silber.

Matthew was an unwavering supporter of Southern History and our Heritage. Matthew supported the SCV and got our message out to the public, maybe more than anyone else in our area. He worked in media, and was a talented artist and cartoonist. You’ve probably seen many of his political cartoons floating around, pointing out how ludicrous the monument and history destroyers are. He was also a writer for a newspaper in Platte County called “The Landmark” in which he was constantly educating the readers on true history in Missouri and Platte County. He was a very good local historian who knew the facts. He and his 14 year old son, Josiah, started reenacting together in this last year, as they liked the living history aspect of portraying the Confederate Soldier. Both his son Josiah, and his wife Dawn, are history lovers, and routinely showed up at Camp meetings and SCV events. Most recently, all 3 were at the Wreaths Across America at Higginsville, where Matthew participated in the Color Guard.  Matthew was also the webmaster of the Missouri Division SCV Website. Matthew was age 41, and he did not have any known health history.

Matthew was the future of the SCV. Our future leaders have to come from somewhere. Matthew was one of the younger guys who gave it his all, and actually showed up and contributed to get our message out. He and his talents will be missed forever.

Matthews family is going thru a lot right now. His wife Dawn, just lost her Grandfather early January, but then her Dad passed away at age 68 on January 28th, and his funeral was this last Saturday, February 2nd. And then Matthew passed away unexpectedly on Sunday, February 3rd. Please keep Dawn, Josiah, and Matthews Mother in Law Janice, in your prayers.
The funeral will be this Saturday, at a Cemetery in Camden Point, where Matthew was born and raised. I reached out to Matthew’s Family, and offered an Honor Guard that can fire a volley for Matthew. They have gladly accepted that, and said they were hoping for such a thing. I’m really glad I asked that question.

So, I need at least 6 guys in uniform that can shoulder a musket. If you are a candidate, please email me or call my cell. I’ll also be reaching out to some of you likely suspects.

Larry Yeatman

Adjutant- Hughes Camp 614

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