The Last Roll

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.

Some of our bravest officers and men have fallen, but their surviving comrades not less brave will emulate their glorious examples, and Continue to emulate the valor of your brave comrades who have fallen that it depends on you to see that they shall not have died in vain. With the blessing of God, it is in your power to defeat the last great effort of the enemy, secure independence to your native land, and earn for yourselves the lasting love and gratitude of your country men, and the admiration of mankind. — ROBERT E. LEE

Farewell, until we meet, again.

As many of you have seen, Jason Coffman reported on the very sad and unexpected passing of Hughes Camp Member Matthew Silber.

Matthew was an unwavering supporter of Southern History and our Heritage. Matthew supported the SCV and got our message out to the public, maybe more than anyone else in our area. He worked in media, and was a talented artist and cartoonist. You’ve probably seen many of his political cartoons floating around, pointing out how ludicrous the monument and history destroyers are. He was also a writer for a newspaper in Platte County called “The Landmark” in which he was constantly educating the readers on true history in Missouri and Platte County. He was a very good local historian who knew the facts. He and his 14 year old son, Josiah, started reenacting together in this last year, as they liked the living history aspect of portraying the Confederate Soldier. Both his son Josiah, and his wife Dawn, are history lovers, and routinely showed up at Camp meetings and SCV events. Most recently, all 3 were at the Wreaths Across America at Higginsville, where Matthew participated in the Color Guard.  Matthew was also the webmaster of the Missouri Division SCV Website. Matthew was age 41, and he did not have any known health history.

Matthew was the future of the SCV. Our future leaders have to come from somewhere. Matthew was one of the younger guys who gave it his all, and actually showed up and contributed to get our message out. He and his talents will be missed forever.

Matthews family is going thru a lot right now. His wife Dawn, just lost her Grandfather early January, but then her Dad passed away at age 68 on January 28th, and his funeral was this last Saturday, February 2nd. And then Matthew passed away unexpectedly on Sunday, February 3rd. Please keep Dawn, Josiah, and Matthews Mother in Law Janice, in your prayers.
The funeral will be this Saturday, at a Cemetery in Camden Point, where Matthew was born and raised. I reached out to Matthew’s Family, and offered an Honor Guard that can fire a volley for Matthew. They have gladly accepted that, and said they were hoping for such a thing. I’m really glad I asked that question.

So, I need at least 6 guys in uniform that can shoulder a musket. If you are a candidate, please email me or call my cell. I’ll also be reaching out to some of you likely suspects.

Larry Yeatman

Adjutant- Hughes Camp 614


Our Appeal to Heaven

“God is our only refuge and our strength. Let us humble ourselves before him. Let us confess our many sins, and beseech him to give us a higher courage, a purer patriotism and more determined will: that he will convert the hearts of our enemies: that he will hasten the time when war, with its sorrows and sufferings, shall cease, and that he will give us a name and place among the nations of the earth.” – Robert E. Lee, August 13, 1863

Five or six years ago, I was robbed at gunpoint with my seven or eight year old son witnessing the whole event. Although suffering emotionally for several days afterward, we were – thanks be to God – not harmed physically. To my knowledge the thief was never caught.

To this day, I still wish for justice. I think that if this dangerous individual was caught, perhaps he wouldn’t be able to do real harm to someone else. However, what I really think is that when faced with evil in this world, the real good we can do is turn our eyes to the Lord and Pray.

I get it. Sometimes it’s not easy to want to stop during the day and talk to our Creator. I don’t do it enough myself. But when we are setting out to take a stand against the Great Deceiver, we must think to talk with God. Our veterans and their families did this countless times when faced with much greater hardships than us (as seen in the image above of a prayer meeting in Stonewall Jackson’s camp). And I believe God did help them, and possibly continues to answer their prayers through us.

I’ve learned that if we want to see real change in our communities, we must first get on our knees and pray about it. Just like that guy that robbed me. What if someone had prayed for him when he was a child, or had shared the Gospel with him in such a way that it made a real difference in his life? If that had happened, he wouldn’t have robbed me that’s for sure! Or what if my prayers for him now are heard by the Lord and he turn this man’s heart to Him? So that he never hurts anyone again? The same goes for those who wish to tear down and censor our Veterans Monuments, or those who want to spread lies and deceptions about history. We must pray for their hearts to be changed, and for us to know how to stand for the Lord’s Truth in the most honorable of ways.

So if you can, please make it a point to pray as often as you can this month. Pray for our leaders in the Sons of Confederate Veterans and pray for those who attack our veterans. Pray for a change in the darkened hearts of those who are without the Lord.

For further reading, please see:

  • Christ in the Camp: The True Story of the Great Revival During the War Between the States by J. William Jones
  • Life and Campaigns of Lt. General Thomas J. Stonewall Jackson by Robert Lewis Dabney

Leftist Groups ready “War” against American Veterans

censorship, American Veterans, Veterans, Confederate, Super Bowl, Leftism
The Leftist attack on our Veterans Monuments

Once again, it appears the Southern Poverty Law Center, NAACP and various Democratic “public servants” are working to wage “war” on American Veterans and their monuments. In a move to gain national recognition for the fight to censor those who served (which include African Americans, Native Americans and Hispanics), various leftist groups are planning an anti-Veterans rally for the day before the Super Bowl in Atlanta, Georgia on Feb. 2.

According to this AP article which notes a “renewed ‘war on the Confederacy’”, Gerald Griggs of the NAACP says, “We are calling for the removal of all monuments to the Confederacy and we are prepared to bring our message directly to the world as the world descends on Atlanta, Georgia for the purpose of celebrating the Super Bowl…”

THE SPLC, NAACP and Democrat elected officials are additionally working to push forward legislation in the State of Georgia that would do away the State Law that currently protects Veterans Monuments – which would potentially include a censoring, altering or removal of Stone Mountain. 


North Carolina SCV issues Statement on UNC’s Desecration of Silent Sam Veterans Monument

Statement of the Sons of Confederate Veterans on Chancellor Folt’s Order to Remove what Remains of The Boy Soldier “Silent Sam” Memorial.

We WILL Stand for Him!

The North Carolina Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans is disgusted by the extent to which Chancellor Folt and the University of North Carolina will go to break our state’s laws and ignore the will of the people. Yet again, Chancellor Folt has violated the confidence of the people of North Carolina by ordering the removal of what remains of Silent Sam, UNC’s Confederate memorial. First, she allowed Durham communists to tear the statue down, and now she is acting unilaterally to break the law and remove what’s left so that nothing remains to honor the University’s sons who died in the War Between the Sates. As the last act of a desperate woman on her way out, she has effectively erased the contribution and sacrifice of these brave veterans and the tribute paid to them by subsequent generations. Folt’s legacy at UNC, which primarily consists of academic athletic scandals and a generally declining quality of scholarship, will now include race-baiting, historical revisionism and illegal acts. We are eager to see her on her way and a failure by the Board of Governors and/or the Board of Trustees to immediately terminate her employment without waiting for the end of the school year would be a complete failure of their duties.

Further Press Inquiries may be directed to NCSCVPUBLICAFFAIRS@GMAIL.COM

UNC Board of Trustees (If so inclined, please honorably and respectfully contact the following HERE to share your disappointment in regards to the horrible treatment of our veterans).


American Veterans NOT Welcome in Madison, Wisconsin

Veterans Dishonored in Madison, Wisconsin
Veterans Dishonored in Madison, Wisconsin

According to a January 13, 2019 article from the U.S. News and World Report, a 113 year old American Veterans monument dedicated to soldiers who served during the American War Between the States (on the side of the Confederacy) was removed and/or censored from a Madison, Wisconsin cemetery. Proof that no monument is safe from the Left – even in cemeteries where the dead are supposedly at peaceful rest – Madison Public Servants recently voted to have the 1906 monument censored from the “Confederate Rest” area of the Forest Hill Cemetery. The monument, which was placed through the efforts of Union veterans (who also participated in its dedication ceremony) has now been crated up and hidden away at the Wisconsin Veterans Museum.

According to U.S. News, Michael Telzrow, director of the Wisconsin Veterans Museum says, “There are no current plans for its exhibition either now or in the near future…It’s highly unlikely that it would ever be permanently displayed.”

This latest round of disrespect for our Nation’s veterans comes after Madison Mayor Paul Soglin called for the removal of a plaque that described our veterans as “valiant” and “unsung heroes”. Telzrow noted that the Wisconsin Veterans Museum declined the plaque from the city.

Want to get involved? Politely and honorably contact the following and let them know that you are saddened by this disrespectful treatment of our Veterans. The South IS an important part of our Country, and the hundreds of thousands of soldiers who shed their blood to protect their families and their communities from invasion and atrocity deserve to be respectfully remembered.

Michael Telzrow: Director of Wisconsin Veterans Museum

  • 608.266.1009

Mayor Paul Soglin, City of Madison, Wisconsin


SCV Responds to Taxpayer Funded Smithsonian Slander

Smithsonian Magazine, Confederate, Confederacy, Smithsonian Institute, SCV, Veterans, SouthernCompatriots,

The anti-South cultural bigots are at it again! This time they are using our tax dollars to fund their neo-Marxist propaganda. The Smithsonian Magazine in a 6,500-word article entitled ‘The Costs of the Confederacy,’ slandered our ancestors and heritage. The article began by stating “American taxpayers have spent $40 million on Confederate Monuments and groups that distort U. S. history and perpetuate racist ideology.”

In 2017 the Smithsonian Institute received $863,000,000.00 from the American taxpayers—a large segment of those taxpayers are Southerners, the very people who were the targets of the Smithsonian’s slander. In the fiscal year 2018 the Smithsonian requested that their Federal funding be increased to over $963,000,000.00. Gentlemen, we must not sit idly by and allow their slander of the South to go unchallenged!

As Commander-in-Chief of the SCV, I have sent the Smithsonian Magazine an official request for “equal time” to give the readers of their magazine “the rest of the story” about our honorable heritage. I think we all understand that unless we as individual members apply pressure, these minions of anti-South cultural bigotry will not publish our response. There is a way we can put real pressure on the Smithsonian. Federal funding for their institute has to go through Congress. I am asking each member of the SCV to write, phone, and e-mail their U. S. Representative, their Senators, and cc a copy of your letters to the Smithsonian Magazine. They will not like “doing business” with us, but to keep their funding they may very well relent and publish our response.

For your convenience we have posted a copy of a letter to be sent to your Representatives and Senators. You may download and use the letter, use it as a guide for your own, or just write your own letter from scratch. Please remember, we are the heirs of real Southern gentlemen; be courteous and polite. All we seek is fair-play and evenhanded journalism. Don’t forget to send the Smithsonian a copy of your letters. They MUST know that we are actively engaged in promoting and defending our ancestors good name and we vote!

Our response is not an attempt to answer every false and slanderous allegation made in the Smithsonian article. Our response is a written vindication of the Cause for which our Confederate ancestors fought.

An instruction sheet including the Smithsonian magazine’s address along with a copy of our article responding to their slander can be found at our web site:

Without your active support, we can do nothing—forward to the sound of the guns!

Paul C. Gramling Jr.
Commander-in-Chief, Sons of Confederate Veterans

Operation Smithsonian Rebuttal
Tell everyone to join us in this defense of Dixie!

Minimum Requirements: Instructions and Sample Letter
For a full understanding, read all the documents.
To read the controversial article in the Smithsonian Magazine, go to

Instructions to Camps, Members and Friends
Sample Letter You Send to Congress in Word (must download)
Sample Letter You Send to Congress as Adobe PDF
Operational Overview from Commander in Chief, S.C.V.
Letter to Smithsonian from Commander in Chief, S.C.V.
Our Article Defending the Confederacy and Dixie


Art Censorship?

Mayor Allen Joines, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Veterans Monuments, Confederate VeteransArt Censorship? In the latest potentially misguided efforts of public servants to remove, destroy or censor American Veterans Monuments and artwork, Winston-Salem, North Carolina – also ironically known as the “City of the Arts” – recently informed the United Daughters of the Confederacy to censor (remove) a Veterans monument by January 31 or face a lawsuit. (Read more here). According to wxii12, “Mayor Allen Joines reportedly announced at Tuesday’s Emancipation Proclamation ceremony that the United Daughters of the Confederacy  could face legal action if the group doesn’t comply.” The American Veterans sculpture in question features an American Veteran (Confederate) in uniform and holding a rifle, and was commissioned by the UDC in 1905.

Walker K. Hancock, Art Censorship, Confederate Monument, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, American VeteransBut interestingly, this subject of artistic censorship does have a Missouri connection. Walker K. Hancock was born in Missouri and helped complete the majestic Veterans Artwork carved at Stone Mountain, Georgia. He also helped rescue art and architectural landmarks at risk of being destroyed by National Socialists (Nazis) in WW2. What’s really absurd is that some in America are likewise advocating the destruction or removal of artwork commemorating our veterans in many of our communities throughout the States (like Stone Mountain, Forest Park St. Louis, Ward Parkway Kansas City or the above mentioned monuments in North Carolina).

To end in a positive note, we’re proud to share the below artwork created by a Missouri Sons of Confederate Veterans member. The artist’s desire in creating this piece was to show that artwork is still being created by those who seek to remember the sacrifices of our soldiers and their families. They matter, and our art matters! Thoughts? Let us know!

Missouri, Artwork, Veterans, Confederate Veterans, Sons of Confederate Veterans, Illustration


Missouri Confederate Veteran Honored Recently

ATM Commander Darrell Maples and the John T. Coffee Camp #1934 of Osceola, Missouri recently memorialized the Confederate Service of Pvt. George Washington McDonald – Co. K, 16th Missouri Infantry – CSA.  Pvt. McDonald was an African American Confederate Soldier who served with honor and was severely wounded – but survived to fight again! We thank this American Veteran for his noble service and sacrifice for his family and his community!



Pop Historians Advocating Destruction Against American Veterans?

Megan Kate Nelson, Kevin Levin, Veterans, American VeteransAt Abbeville Institute, a recent article was published entitled, “What Are Symbols For?

Interestingly, it quotes the following from Brown University History Professor Megan Kate Nelson:

I would like to propose that Confederate memorials should neither be retained nor removed: They should be destroyed, and their broken pieces left in situ.

On a scheduled day, a city government or university administration would invite citizens to approach a Confederate memorial, take up a cudgel, and swing away. The ruination of the memorial would be a group effort, a way for an entire community to convert a symbol of racism and white supremacy into a symbol of resistance against oppression.

Historians could put up a plaque next to the fragments, explaining the memorial’s history, from its dedication day to the moment of its obliteration. A series of photographs or a YouTube video could record the process of destruction. These textual explanations may be unnecessary, however. Ruins tend to convey their messages eloquently in and of themselves. In this case, the ruins of Confederate memorials in cities across the nation would suggest that while white supremacists have often made claims to power in American history, those who oppose them can, and will, fight back.

Mind you, this is also quoted over at prominent “historian” Kevin M. Levin, who references his “good friend” Megan Kate Nelson’s statements (which evidently appeared in Civil War Times). Read it at Turning Confederate Monuments into Ruins. Mr. Levin’s blog unfortunately delights in cutting down those who support our veterans in favor of his own narrow beliefs. For example, Levin recently derided Frank Ernest on December 7, 2018 by saying Mr. Ernest and all “Lost Causers” needed to be relegated to the “Trash Bin”. Ernest, who is the chief of heritage defense for the Virginia Sons of Confederate Veterans, was also predictably dogmatically dismissed by the Washington Post in the November 28, 2018 article Sins of the Fathers: The Confederacy was Built on Slavery).

Levin happily notes at the end of his piece on Ernest by stating how “these people” are growing weaker and weaker with age, and that it’s time to move on – which is very ageist of him to do so. But if I may, Mr. Levin, not all of us in the Sons of Confederate Veterans are gray-haired and ready to move on. We’re a respected veterans organization that seeks to remember our American Veterans and their contributions to our communities. We’re young, middle aged, and elderly. We’re white, hispanic, native American, African American and more. Unlike folks like Levin and Nelson, we are not constrained by such rigid intolerances.


Wreaths Across America: Removal Incident at Jefferson Barracks

wreaths across America, Confederate, Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis, MissouriPress Release from the Missouri Division Chief of Heritage Operations:

Last week the Sons of Confederate Veterans organization conducted a nationwide program known as CSA Wreaths Across America,  placing holiday wreaths on Confederate graves across the land.  There are approximately 275 Confederate graves at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery in St. Louis.  Each grave received a wreath at a total cost of over $4,000.   They were placed on the graves by local volunteers.  But a cemetery Superintendent ordered them removed, by his employees,  because, as he later explained, “Those graves are not United States graves”.  Volunteers were permitted to replace them after the Superintendent’s ignorance was corrected.

By ignorance we mean, with all due respect, the definition of the term – not knowing.  But how can a person who is charged with decision making responsibility at Jefferson Barracks display ignorance of Congressional acts concerning status and definition of Confederate veterans?  Acts which apply directly to his job?   On four separate occasions Congress has passed acts declaring and confirming Confederate veterans to be United States veterans, else their remains would not have been buried at Jefferson Barracks in the first place. They’ve been there for over a century without question, and are so honored at JB during the cemetery’s annual Memorial Day service.  Hasn’t the Superintendent been there?  Or paid attention?  If he questions the graves, why hasn’t he done so (and been corrected) long before now?   

It’s not our place to recommend disciplinary action, but we’re concerned about the future concerning our Confederate veterans’ graves at Jefferson Barracks.  We wonder if the incident of last week might call for more than a hand slap and a historical lesson or two. According to reports, there have been no other adverse reactions at any other national cemetery, coast to coast, over the CSA Wreaths Across America program.  Was it perhaps personal opinion regardless of law?   We’re concerned and hereby ask what Jefferson Barracks is doing about it.